Growth of Printing Industry in India

Published: 04th April 2011
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The Indian printing industry is valued at 16 billion euros as per the year 2011. The printing industry is highly fragmented. The newspapers and magazine publishing

section has the large printers mainly apart from a few in package, label and

commercial printing. About 77% of the printing houses are family owned.

From 2002 onwards the

government allowed foreign investment. Foreign investors can now invest up to 26% in

daily newspapers and 100% in scientific or other publications with government


Printing sector has evolved from a manufacturing industry into a service industry. The

segments of graphic design, print quality and capability have achieved global standard.

Newspapers, books, catalogues, packaging products and other publications such as

coffee table books have come up to the international standards as well.

Newest Technology is the online printing services , in which people don t have to travel to get their prints

instead they can get the prints at their doorstep. Smartprint is one such pioneer company in India which provides such services.

There is an ample opportunity for the printing sector in India because of the following factors :

Large English knowing young population

Increase in literacy rate

Increase in life span (older people read more)

Increase in number of smaller households (nuclear families) has resulted in smaller

packaging patterns. Development of taste for convenient living and rising health

consciousness have led to a revolution in the packaging industry and consequently to

the printing industry.

Some technical aspects :

Types of printing ink used in India:

Offset (process ink, cut color inks, commercial inks, quick set inks)

Flexography (packaging carton inks, multipurpose bag inks, surface printing

inks, woven sack inks, poly inks, freezer pack inks, gloss finish and metallic

finish inks, opaque inks, fluorescent inks, process inks)

Gravure, (multipurpose bag inks, surface printing inks, reverse lamination inks,

high gloss inks, transparent inks)

Screen (metallic pearl inks, transparent inks, gloss finish inks, fluorescent inks,

matt inks)

Digital (solvent based and UV curable digital printing ink)

Natural rubber and latex ink

Synthetic rubber ink

Silicon rubber ink

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) inks


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